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The Wonders of WIC - Nutrition-Related Highlights from the Northeast Region

Shining the light on accomplishments, innovations and WIC stars

The USDA, Food and Nutrition Service Northeast Regional Office has captured accomplishments and innovations related to nutrition throughout their region. Modeled after their Wonders of WIC - Breastfeeding-Related Highlights from the Northeast Region edition, this newsletter also provides State and local efforts within the Northeast Region, spotlights on some of their WIC stars, and more. In this compilation, they:

Highlight the efforts of a nutritionist in Massachusetts WIC to advance nutrition security and ensure those nutrition education efforts meet the needs of the diverse audience she serves.

Feature the partnership between Connecticut WIC and Real Dads Forever in support of their Fatherhood Initiative as well as New Hampshire's collaboration with the TLC Family Resource Center that helps connect pregnant individuals with the WIC Program and transport them to WIC appointments, among other assistive services to make sure they get the most out of the benefits WIC provides. 

Spotlight Maine WIC's app to help participants redeem their cash value voucher/benefits for fruits and vegetables from farmers' markets.

Provide a sampling of National Nutrition Month events that took place across the region.

Showcase innovative outreach efforts that include:

Maine's Bangor WIC clinic's TikTok account that features quick, easy and healthy recipes using WIC foods and the State's Child Health Referral Poster with QR codes for potential participants to access information about various State programs including WIC.

The addition of WIC to New Hampshire's NH Easy Gateway of Services, so those who apply to Medicaid or SNAP through this service and qualifies for WIC is contacted by local WIC staff to let them know they qualify for WIC benefits as well.

A special health fair in celebration of Women's History Month in St. John, US Virgin Islands where WIC staff made recipes using WIC foods.

A partnership between WIC and WIC-authorized food retailers to offer curbside pick up. 

Share social media amplification efforts in recognition of Black Maternal Health Week.

Be sure to also check out their Wonders of WIC - Breastfeeding-Related Highlights from the Northeast Region.

Want to know what's going on in the Mid-Atlantic region? Check out their MARWIC Times Newsletter that provides a quarterly update on State and local events. 

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