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National Nutrition Month

Celebrate a World of Flavors

National Nutrition Month (NNM) is here! For those who are creating their own written/printable materials, webpage content, and social media messages, these images are free to use:

As are other resources, like the MyPlate Plan widget (also available in Spanish) to embed on webpages and blogs, and infographics.


WIC Breastfeeding Support Resources

Encourage breastfeeding moms and WIC partners to visit WIC Breastfeeding Support for information related to Nutrition While Breastfeeding and find travel-friendly recipes featured in the Traveling with your Baby article.

The social media library has breastfeeding messages featuring campaign images and hashtags ready for one-click posting on the various platforms.

Staff can use the WIC Breastfeeding Check-in tool to provide participants with Breastfeeding Reassurance Tips and help them reach their breastfeeding goals.


Resources for NNM Activities

  • Weekly Key Messaging
  • A Campaign Toolkit that provides tip sheets – available in five additional different languages – games and activities, press releases, campaign graphics and infographics, planning materials, and much more.


Nutrition Education Resources

For those looking for ready-to-use materials, there are plenty of helpful, fun, and interactive materials and tools you can use and share with your participants to help them make informed choices, personalize their plate, and make every bite count.

Tip sheets for those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or picky eaters.

Interactive Nutrition Facts Label.

DGA presentation slides, including those for specific life stages.

Food Sources of Select Nutrients for nutrients that are of public health concern (and important for the WIC population): calcium, potassium, vitamin D, iron, and dietary fiber.

Start Simple with MyPlate Today brochure (also available in Spanish) and other MyPlate resources:

  • Pages for Life Stages, including pregnancy and breastfeeding, infancy, and toddlerhood, that highlight information that’s important during each life stage;
  • Shop Smart Tips for Every Aisle with information about understanding price tags and finding the unit price;
  • Food Planning During the Coronavirus Pandemic, available as a webpage or a printable post card in and Spanish); and
  • Other print materials including recipes, food fact cards, posters, games, and coloring sheets that you can search by audience, topic, or resource type; many of these are available in Spanish.

My Native Plate to download or order.

My Cherokee Plate that includes videos, recipes, and Cherokee language food vocabulary worksheets and a coloring sheet.


Consumer Resources

MyPlate offers several interactive tools to help reinforce nutrition education messages and give participants a way to actively participate in achieving their nutrition goals. Find additional resources at Start Simple with MyPlate. Participants can:

Test their Food Group IQ with fun quizzes;

Find their starting point with the MyPlate Quiz to see how their eating habits stack up against MyPlate recommendations and get tailored resources and a personal quiz results code to sync with the Start Simple with MyPlate app;

Set simple goals based on their personal needs with the Start Simple with MyPlate App;  

Get a personalized MyPlate Plan (Plan de MiPlato) that takes pregnancy and breastfeeding status into account!



  • The new the What Do I Do With...? series has tips and recipes using WIC-eligible foods to help those who may be less familiar with some of the foods in their WIC food packages. (Check back each month for the newest edition!)
  • WIC Meals of the Month series – recipes that focus on specific nutrients important for the WIC population.
  • Spanish-language Recipes
  • MyPlate Kitchen – search hundreds of recipes based on cost, cuisine, course, cooking equipment, food groups and nutrition focus; build cookbooks; and find videos and recipe resources.
  • Delicious Heart Healthy Eating Recipes – downloadable cookbooks and recipe collections such as:
    • Healthy Latino Recipes
    • Home Cooking African American Style
    • American Indian/Alaska Native Recipes
    • Vietnamese Community Recipes
    • Filipino Community Recipes
  • My Cherokee Plate Recipes

You can search "recipes" on WIC Works to find even more inspiration, and pass along these cooking tips that can help prevent food waste and stretch food dollars.  


Looking for more specific topics? 

Here on WIC Works, you can find many resources related to healthy eating, such as tips to help your participants switch to lower fat milk, sample meals to help ensure adequate nutrition to protect against lead exposure, and advice about eating fish. Share COVID-19 resources related to food safety.

You can find these, and other resources, by using the Nutrition Education and Breastfeeding filters (on the left-hand panel, under Topic) on the Explore Resources page.  

Click the buttons on the right for SNAP-Ed resources that can further help your participants cook and eat healthy.


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